38 Maps that explain Europe

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38 maps that explain Europe by Matthew Yglesias on September 8, 2014 for Vox(.com)

Luol Deng and others against Brooklyn Nets

Luol Deng, my favourite NBA star and his best moment with the Chicago Bulls

Those that know me know that Luol Deng has for a long time been my favourite NBA basketball star, well, not as much now he’s not with the Bulls but still… this is my favourite of his moments. It was so memorable and so exciting and came against the Pacers Game 1 of 2011 NBA Playoffs which ended with Bulls 104 Pacers 99. With the bench mob this has to be one of my favourite periods of modern Chicago Bulls. Anyway in light of the recent trending outcry about big wigs at the NBA being racist – Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry passed along comments from a scouting report saying like Luol Deng had a little African in him before all shit hitting the fan over at Atlanta.

Deng’s response was as fantastic as ever. Which reminded me of what I loved about watching Deng in the Bulls. Careful, methodical, often  times quiet, but damn – fired up when it counts…


It was almost as good as watching him repeatedly school LeBron…



Streets in Cambridge


Is not it profound how music and smell
provoke memory?
Talk unto a memory
and be ridiculous,
the past is no place to live.

It captures me and tortures me 
because those faces I cannot see,
those ears I will never have
and their company never keep. 

Regret. The paths back exist
all too vividly without form
but without function too,
it never gives in.

Every Noise at Once

Every Noise at Once is a website and genre database that has a great text cloud display of all the genres! With accompanying samples representing that genre as well as a search function to find the genre of any band.

Every Noise at Once website screenshot

Every Noise at Once website screenshot