Fleming and John start a new album on Kickstarter and a little on one of my favourite ever songs – Sadder Day

Fleming and John

Fleming and John are funding a new album on Kickstarter (visit their Facebook page)

If you don’t know who Fleming and John are, I wouldn’t be suprised (speaking as a Brit who is still, just about, in his twenties). They are a couple who wrote wicked music back in the mid to late 90s in Nashville, Tennessee and generally keep themselves busy in the music biz doing a variety of other cool things.

I’d heard Ugly Girl before:

But it was a few years ago when a random internet radio station played ‘Sadder Day’ (song will play on the embedded player below) featuring all manner of instruments from a theremin to a Spacephone that one of my “favourite ever song” slots was filled. It’s deeply poignant and yet twirly and upbeat – which makes it drill that much further into your head. It was recorded in their homebuilt studio using what they describe in their promo video for the album the song appears on ‘The Way We Are’ as being more or less all the instruments. It is a wonderful homage to a time when instruments were recorded and creativity required more than a computer (I don’t say that to be cynical – it’s just when there are bigger, more expensive obstacles to climb to realise a creative vision then it has a natural way of separating the wheat from the chaff). Knowing a little of the back story also allows it to grow into a colourful emotive celebration of music.

Some lyrics from the wonderful song (go and buy it):

What about the day you took me to Skatetown USA
It was raining and there wasn't anywhere we could play
We skated backwards as we held on to each other's hand
Made up choreographer to K.C. and the Sunshine Band
You got tired and said you couldn't sleep last night
You stayed up praying for everybody you knows souls
Then you got misty eyed when you said you weren't afraid to die but you were scared of being alone

Sad, Sadder day
Since I heard you went away
Sad, Sadder day
When I can't see your face

If you live in the States you probably get to stream it on Spotify, but I’m unable to here in the UK.

So, I make no promises that the embedded song below is not going to steal your groceries or break your computer – but I clicked it and it worked, so for those without US Spotify, enjoy!

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