Bumble Bee Foods website after the ruling of a violation of health and safety standards over maintenance man’s death

Since an investigation into a worker being cooked alive at Bumble Bee Foods by California Division of Occupational Safety & Health, Bumble Bee Foods have changed their website to remove the following statement:

“Thriving Workplace: We contribute to a healthy, productive workplace that empowers our employees as well as our local community”.

Bumble Bee Foods

Bumble Bee Foods

If [insert party name that aren’t the Conservatives] got into power, businesses would leave Britain. Thoughts?

“If [insert party name that aren’t the Conservatives] got into power, businesses would leave Britain” Thoughts? Mine:…

Posted by Thought Jetty on Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Charlton Athletic FC tweet on AFC Bournmouth's

Charlton Athletic FC Tweet response to AFC Bournemouth’s all but sealed 2015 promotion to the English Premier League

The best songs in the world

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A list of some of the best songs that have ever been created, some not widely known, but all deserving to be.


Nuage & THRN“Don’t Exist” (Dream Box EP: Translation Recordings, 2011)

A vibraphone-driven ethereal, swollen trek through lush lo-fi with hi-fi throbs and soulful, searching vocals. For the head, drum and bass gets no better.

Renu“Time is Time” (Midnight Radio: Holykuti Records, 2012)

A poignant and breathtaking meditation on life, spoken – wordlessly – by a composer of enormous talent. Emotional and spellbinding.

tennyson – “Lay-by” (With You – 7 inch b-side: self-released, 2014)

Head-turning, trance-enducing, car door sampling electronic perfection that picks you up and drops you at exactly the right time.

One Self – “Bluebird” (Children of Possibility: Ninja Tune, 2005)

One of the better known tunes. On its production DJ Vadim, Yarah Bravo and Blu Rum 13 made an underground classic, from an album with a timeless hip hop feel but with an experimental edge. Like truly timeless music, this will breathe new life over and over again, for a long time to come.

Rameses B – “New Horizons (VIP)” (Freedom: self-released, 2011)

A liquid dnb tune that channels the continental trancestep (interpret that as you like) sound tearing its way out of your head into dizzying ecstasy highs with existential exploration to boot. Touchingly dedicated to lost loved ones. On first hearing, nothing that special – but let it in and it’ll show you its full spectrum of wonder. Contains a sample from the 1990 film Jacob’s Ladder.

Algernon Cadwallader – “Casual Discussion in a Dome Between Two Temples” (Some Kind of Cadwallader: Be Happy Records, 2008)

Casual Discussion in a Dome Between Two Temples is a touching and beatiful jangly harmonic noisy piece of musical poetry. Hugely popular as a (now defunct) truly independent and underground band, and performers of a great live show who had one of the loudest drummers I’ve ever heard.


Cover image: “Love Music by c0tu” available at http://c0tu.deviantart.com/art/Love-Music-147431685