The Quietus’s interview with Fat White Family

So I don’t in any way pretend to be a writer, or a journalist or anything like that. I just sometimes have things that I want to express and do so on this blog. I can’t string good words together and I don’t really know anything about grammar. I also don’t know anything about The Quietus, (I guess you could call it a zine because it doesn’t seem to be available in print) except that their ‘about us’ page doesn’t say much about them. I also don’t know much about Fat White Family, aside from that they got right up the nose of a Guardian journo in a review about their Glastonbury 2014 performance in a way that only a Guardian journo can be gotten up the nose. I also read that they throw pig heads at vegans and hold their own shit on stage. Well, that’s wierd. It also made me groan and think of Pete Doherty.

All that aside I’ve not for a long time read a really bloody good article on a band. This one by John Doran has changed that!